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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ethical Post

Safe, Legal and Ethical Use of Digital Information of Technology

Safe, Legal and ethical use of digital information of technology is knowing to be careful of the information that is given and available on the internet.  Use the internet safely, know what other people should be available to see and read.  There are also content on the internet that is not legal and knowing that should help people stay away from the websites that if looked at can affect your job.  Ethical use of digital information is determining which information on the internet is actually true and right instead of someone’s opinion.  Teaching students to be safe on the internet is important because not everyone that sees their posts are people that they want to meet and talk to in real life.  The students should know that they should not post where they live to strangers.  Students need to know the importance of what sites they go on may be monitored and not be legal.  Students that have reports to do need to sort out the websites that are giving inaccurate information from the websites that have accurate and updated information.

Digital Etiquette and Responsible social interactions

Digital etiquette and responsible social interactions is being aware of what you are writing or posting on social networks.  Digital etiquette is knowing the right kind of pictures that should be posted on the internet that best represents you and what you want people to comment on.  You also have to take responsibility on what you do on social networks, you need to know that what you write and post is being seen by everyone.  It is important to talk to students about this issue because many teens are writing hurtful and damaging comments on social networks and they need to know that what they do has consequences.  It is also important to be aware of the websites that are being shown to the students and the content that is being show to them either with the ads or comments. 

Meeting Diverse Needs of Learners through Learner-Centered Strategies and equitable access

It is important to meet the needs of all the different learning styles and students in the classroom.  The use of the internet can help meet the different learning styles in the classroom.  Students that learn through visual can really benefit from watching videos on the internet about the content material to help them understand the material in a different way.  A teacher can search the internet for a video, poem, dance or game that is on the content material that the students are learning that can help students that are a visual, auditory, body kinesthetic learner.

Global Awareness and Digital-Age Communication

The internet can help students be connected with people from around the world and learn about the new cultures around the world.  Technology has given us the ability to communicate with someone around the world.  Someone from a different country can be reading this blog and give a comment on in from a different time zone.  Technology like this can give students to have pen pals from students from a different state or country and have immediate feedback within minutes.  Technology opens the door for many opportunities for the students to learn about many things through the internet. 

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