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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Phase 1 for lesson plan 1 (Plants)

Phase 1

Assessing Prior Knowledge

The students’ prior experiences with plants and flowers would start with a conversation with the students to see what they know.  This will help the teacher to determine what the students know about plants and flowers.  Then the teacher will give the students a worksheet that will act as a pre-assessment on the parts of the flower.  By assessing the students’ prior knowledge I can tell what the students know and what I need to teach them.  This information is very helpful because it lets the teacher know what the teacher needs to focus on in the lesson. 

Plan Instructions

The lesson objectives are appropriate for the grade level and are stated in a way that a substitute teacher can read and understand the lesson.  My goal for the lesson is for the students to know the different parts of the plant and the importance of water and light are to the growth of a plant. 

Designing Instruction

The lesson is designed so that the students are at their seats in the beginning of the lesson working on the pretest.   The students then move to the computers to do their assignment and the main portion of the lesson.  The website that the students go to is at their grade level in that the vocabulary is easy for the students to understand.  The website the students use is safe for the students to look at, legal and all the information is ethical. 

Planning Assessment

The assessment for the lesson plan gives the teacher a chance to see if the students were able to grasp the names of the parts of the plant and where they are located on the plant.  The website also hits all the objectives and standards the students need to learn.  This lesson plan only has the students working with the Understanding level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  The students individual needs are meet because they are able to work either alone or with partners and they are getting a visual help with the website. 

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