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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Phase 2 for Lesson Plan 1

Phase 2

Instructional Decisions/ Teaching

When I taught this lesson the too group of mock students, which were adults in my technology class, I had the students do a pretest to see if they knew the name of the different parts of a plant.  I gave students timed to get some answers on the paper and then I told the students they needed to focus on the teacher now.  Since the students were third graders, I had a song for the students to sing to help them remember the parts of a plant and what they do.  The students and I sang the song so the other teachers in my class were able to see how this song could be used to help the students in their future classroom.  Then I passed out the worksheet that went along with the website. The students were starting at different places but that was my fault because I did not go through the instruction.   I should of read through the instructions for my students even though this was a mock classroom I should have read it even though my class would be third graders and I hoped that they students would read the instruction before doing the worksheet.  The worksheet had the students going through three different parts on the website.  The students were to watch three video to see how light and water affect the growth of a plant, put together a flower and label the different parts and then see the different types of seed dispersion.  The website and worksheet help the students learn about the part of a plant, which was the objective of the lesson.  I would have ELL students paired up with students that spoke both English and Spanish to help translate.

Assessment of Learning

 The student were able to name part of the flower because of the posttest I had the student retake after the lesson and the students were able to answer some more because of the website.  The feedback that I received from by classmates that the lesson and website were appropriate for the grade level and learning content the only thing that I need to improve on for this lesson is to show more examples of the parts of the plant.  My classmates liked how the lesson was presented and that the website was informative to the students. 

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