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My mane is Christina Preciado, I am a student as Norhter Arizona University at the extended campus at South Mountain Community College. This blog was created for my technology class all my blogs will be related to the class including information on my lesson plans I created in the class.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Phase 2 Lesson Plan 2

Phase 2

Instruction Decisions/Teaching

I think when I teach this lesson it will be fun and education for the students because the students are going to watching a video, listening to the teacher read and then taste fruit and do a worksheet to assess their knowledge.  I learned that students need to have a variety in the lesson plan instead of sitting in their seats doing worksheets.  The objectives were maintained throughout the lesson plan and in the assessment.  The lesson plan appeals to the different learning standards through the video song, reading the book, doing the hands on activity and then the worksheet. 

Assessment of Learning

The worksheet that the students do will see if they know which body part relates to the senses.  I feel that teachers would really like this lesson plan because of the different parts that make the lesson plan different, creative and educational.  The feedback that I got from my classmates was that they liked the lesson plan and it was grade appropriate as well as the technology used in the lesson plan.

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