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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Phase 1 Lesson plan 2 (Senses)

Phase 1

Assessing Prior Knowledge

To get the students prior knowledge for this lesson plan I would ask the students what they know about their senses.  I would ask the students to describe an object and by the students describing the object I can get the lesson on senses started because the students would know that they are using their senses to describe the object.  By knowing the students prior knowledge I would be able to determine what the students actually know about the five senses.

Plans Instruction

My objective for this lesson plan is for the students to know and identity the five senses and the body parts that relate to them.  The standards that I choose is for a Kindergarten classroom and the objective relate to the standard and is appropriate for the students. 

Designing Instruction

This lesson plan is one out of five because all week the students are going to be learning in depth about the five senses this lesson is only on the sense of taste.  The teacher is going to have the students watch the “5 Senses” song by Hi-5 everyday of the week to help the students remember the five senses.  This will get the students a chance to be introduced to the five senses and to the website YouTube if they have not already.  The teacher will then read the book to the students about taste.   The lesson plan moves from the teacher reading the book to the student doing an activity about tricking your taste.  The students will see if smell and sight can affect their taste.  The students are then going to do a worksheet to see if they can identify what parts of the senses go with which body part and then drawing out four things that they taste.  The YouTube video is just right for this grade level because they are used to using the smart board in the classroom.  The students are working on the Understanding level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  The lesson goes from watching the video then to listening to the teacher read and then having the students do hands on activity by exploring with taste then finally the students are going to do a worksheet to see if they understood the senses and the parts of the body related to the senses. 

Planning Assessment

The worksheet will test to see it the students were able to understand the five senses and which body parts they relate too. This does relate to the objective and standards of the lesson plan.  The assessment works on the first level of Bloom’s Taxonomy where the students are understanding and identifying the five senses.    

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