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Monday, May 14, 2012

Phase 3 Comprehensive Reflection

Phase 3

Describe (a) how your understandings for each the categories listed below changed based on your experiences (Both your teaching and assessing others' teaching) this semester and (b) describe how this might impact your future teaching experiences.

Assessing Prior Knowledge

 I always knew that learning about the students prior knowledge about the lesson content was important I just didn’t relate that to giving the students a pretest before the start of the lesson.  I knew that before each unit it would be good to test the students’ knowledge about the subject yet to give the students a pretest for each lesson seems a lot for just one lesson.  I can see having a discussion with the students to determine what the students’ prior knowledge is.  I like the idea of giving the students a pretest on certain lesson plans just not every lesson.  When I was looking at my classmates’ lesson plans I could pick out which lesson plans the teacher and students would benefit in a pretest and other lessons that probably do not need a pretest to determine the students’ prior knowledge. 

Planning Instruction

My thinking about planning a lesson plan has not changed because I know that the standards and the objective are important thing to think about when planning a lesson.  The objective, standards and assessment all need to relate to one another and are appropriate for the grade level.  Throughout this semester, I think in everyone’s lesson plan they thought about what grade and standard they wanted to focus on and how the students were going to meet the standards through the objective and assessment of the lesson.

Designing Instruction

When I design a lesson plan, I write out how I would present it in a classroom.  I want other teachers to be able to read my lesson plan and use it in their classroom as well.  I want the transitions to flow smoothly and not have the students going from the carpet to their seats back to the carpet again in one lesson.  I am learning how to write objectives where Bloom’s Taxonomy can be incorporated into the lesson plan to target the students’ higher order thinking skills.  I do try to incorporate technology in my lessons if it is related to the lesson content.  I think I will be using YouTube a lot in my classroom because the website does have some good videos that would be helpful to the students.  This class has also showed me different websites that you be helpful to the students as well.  When I do use the different websites I will have to make sure, I talk to the students about being careful when they are online as well. 

Planning Assessment

Planning assessment is important when planning a lesson plan because you want the assessment to see if the students met the objective and understood what they were learning.  It is also hard because there can be many ways to assess the students knowledge.  It is also good to think about all the different ways that students learn and how to incorporate them into your lesson plan.  THE lesson plans that I saw this semester had this with their technology because not all students learn the same way and if the teacher had a video for the students to understand the information this was meeting the students needs. 

Instructional Decisions/Teaching

I am already used to presenting a lesson in front of students because of the practicum’s I had so far and also teaching to adult pretending to be students as well and I think it is harder to teach in front of adults that children.  When you teach to adults, you expect them to already know the stuff in your lesson plan and it can become silly at times as well.  This does help when you are in front of students because we are able to see what kind of mistakes we should not make.  This can help in the future to have your peers/colleagues to watch you perform a lesson to see where you need to improve of what you have done well.

Assessment of Learning

The peer survey was helpful because we were able to receive anonymous feedback on our lesson on what went well and what areas we still need to improve. It was constructive criticism that will help us when we are making a lesson plan or presenting in front of the students.  This is the first time that we did a peer survey to get feedback from our peers.  I think peer feedback is something that I would like to get from my fellow teachers in the future.   

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